Dana Sherwood

Howdy! I was raised in Lancaster County PA, affectionately known as Amish Country, however I lived right outside the city of Lancaster. Growing up I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of rural and urban lifestyles. By God’s grace I have always known who Jesus is. However is was not until my freshman year of college that this knowledge impacted my heart and I chose to dedicated my life to Christ. The love, community, and relationships I found in Cru were pivotal in Christ capturing my heart. Since then my life has been a wild adventure following God and I can’t to see what else He has in store! As a student I am a senior studying both Dietetics and Food Science. My favorite hobby is camping and backpacking; call me crazy but I would live in a tent in the woods if I could! My kryptonite is cheesecake! I also love breakfast food, smore’s, grilled cheese, ice cream, anything raspberry, (can you tell why I study Food Science) watching movies, baking, the beach, Harry Potter, board games, enoing, consignment shops, and deep meaningful conversations! Meeting new people is fun, so don’t hesitate to email me about anything!

Courtney Taylor

Hi, y’all! I’m a junior studying Public Relations with minors in German and History. I grew up in an Army family, so my hometown ranges from Texas to Germany to South Korea to a few other states in between! Thanks to my wonderful parents, Jesus has been one of few constants in my life, and I’ve grown so much in Him thanks to my involvement in Cru since I arrived at Penn State. This community is unlike any other I’ve experienced, and I’m so grateful for the chance to be involved in this amazing ministry. I am also a co-leader for Penn State Cru’s Large Group Team, a photographer for the Daily Collegian and a member of a THON Communications committee. Don’t hesitate to reach out!