Senior Peer Groups

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As seniors we want to engage in the Word together to discover who Jesus is and how His finished work on the cross can have a lasting impact on your life. All of Scripture points us to Christ which is why we call the study material One Story. In it we’ll explore six separate genres of Scripture and show how each part of your Bible (especially the Old Testament) builds our trust in the work of Jesus.

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Senior EXIT


What is Senior EXIT?
Senior EXIT prepares graduating seniors to transition into the next phase of life. Some of you may know where you’re headed after here, and many of you have no clue. Some of you can’t wait to finish college, and some of you don’t believe graduating is a coming reality. No matter what your current experience or plans, each of you will ultimately face graduation day. We want to help you prepare for that day. More importantly, we want to help you prepare for the days, months and years that follow. They can be some of the hardest…and best. In effort to touch on some of the issues and resources we think are most important for the road ahead, we offer several touch-points throughout the semester/year for our seniors to come together to eat (of course), connect, and engage these topics.

How are you preparing for life after college?
Before you go, get connected. It’s a big world out there. The transition may be bumpy. But it will be a lot easier if you’re prepared with the practical tools and perspective that is vital for leaving well. Join us for the Senior EXIT Experience. ‘Like’ our Facebook page to stay connected and aware of Upcoming Events! Enter in. EXIT well.

Thursday Night Talks

1 Corinthians

7 episodes

1 Thessalonians

6 episodes

Acceptable Sins

5 episodes


11 episodes

Better Together

1 episodes

Fall Retreat

34 episodes


11 episodes


3 episodes


10 episodes

One Story

12 episodes

Raising the Bar

4 episodes

Set Free

10 episodes

Sex Ed

12 episodes

Spring Break

3 episodes


3 episodes

Ten Commandments

13 episodes

The Coming King

3 episodes


7 episodes