Acceptable Sins:: Gluttony

Why do we feel the need to overindulge in different aspects of our lives? This week, Tom Sperlich gave a talk about the acceptable sin of gluttony. He referenced scripture passages such as Psalm 78:16-33 and Isaiah 55:1-3 as he challenged us to ask ourselves: Do we trust God to fill us and make us happy?

Acceptable Sins :: Fear

Hannah Verseput gave a talk this week about the acceptable sin of fear. She discussed trusting God with our fears and moving from fearful to loving by putting our faith in Jesus as she went through 1 John 4:7-19.

Acceptable Sins :: Anxiety

This week, our current Crutern, Addison, talked about the sin of anxiety. He talked about how anxiety is not an issue with circumstances but an issue with our identity. He also talked about how the cure to anxiety is to have faith in God’s provision in Christ for all we need.

Acceptable Sins :: Money & Scripture

Hannah Verseput spoke this week about the acceptable sin of reading scripture, and how sometimes it is really hard to read scripture straight from the bible. Walking us through Matthew 25:11-28, she explains to us what God is saying behind the parable, how money plays a factor in our acceptable sins, and how God cares about our faith through it all.

Acceptable Sins :: Introduction of New Series

We welcome back the new year and new semester by kicking off our brand new series called “Acceptable Sins.” Tom Sperlich delivers a talk that explains what this series entails and how God plays a role in our culturally acceptable sins. He goes through an excerpt of Paul Tripp’s book, 1 Samuel 13: 5-15, and Romans 8:18-23 to discuss the sins we have deemed to be less serious.