Acts :: Kingdom of God Triumphs

Hannah Verseput takes over Cru this week as she helps continue our series in Acts. Going through Acts 19, Hannah highlights the third missionary journey that Paul took. She explains how God’s Kingdom triumphs over time, evil, and other kingdoms.

Acts :: Economics and Politics

Tom Sperlich goes through Acts 18: 1-18 this week; as we continue our Acts Series. He dives into the economics, politics, and what we should do when we are rejected by looking through the Bible. He discusses how Paul doesn’t force his beliefs on people who are not willing to listen. Instead, he finds those who do wish to listen.

Acts :: How To Be An Effective Minister

Our series continues with Mike Shepski giving a talk about Acts 17 with a twist. He has two students come up, and read out the Gospel as the audience hears it; demonstrating what it was like to hear the word of God at this time. In his talk, Mike discusses how we can be effective ministry leaders and what it would look like for us in modern times.

Acts :: Sharing Your Faith

Penn State Alum and current Cru-tern, Addison Frank, continues our series as he explores Acts 16:11-31. He explains three different stories within the chapter, how God used those people for his glory, and how they relate to our lives now. The importance of sharing the Gospel and your faith is articulated throughout his talk as well.

Acts :: Rules for Gentiles

Greg Boros dives into Acts 15: 1-41 to show us that the Pharisees had to determine whether or not the Gentiles must become “Jewish” (via circumcision) in order to become Christians. He discusses how we are the descendants of Abraham, and it is by faith we are saved. In this podcast, Greg also picks apart Acts 15:20 and what those four “laws” look like for us in modern times.

Acts :: You Are What You Worship

Tom Sperlich looks at Acts 14:8-18 to show us the dangers of idolatry. Paul and Barnabas spread a message to draw people away from idolatry to worship the one true God, but end up in the middle of a battle to stop the people from worshipping them.

Acts :: An Undeterrable Invitation

Greg Boros dives back into our Acts Series as he discusses the beginning of Paul’s first journey with Barnabas. He looks at Acts 13: 1-52 to paint the picture of God’s protection over the Gentiles. He explains that just like a mama bear will protect her cubs, God will protect you from the sins of the world and will stop at nothing to get to you.

Acts :: A Tale of Two Kings & Two Buts

Penn State Alum and Buddy the Elf doppleganger, Chad Willard, comes back to Cru to discuss Acts 12. He discusses where the church was at the time, and relates it back to our lives as Christians.

Acts :: Jesus Likes/Dislikes/Loves

Penn State Alum and current Cru Intern, Andy Brokenshire, continues our Acts Series this week. He discusses Acts 10. Throughout the talk, he references what Jesus likes, dislikes, and loves throughout this chapter through the story of Peter and Cornelius.

Acts :: Jesus Rescues Monsters

Greg Boros goes through Acts 9:1-31 and discusses how God shattered Saul and used him in big ways. Greg touches on the fact that no matter who you are and what you’ve done, you are not beyond Jesus’s grasp. No one is such a “monster” that you are beyond his saving grace.