NEXT :: Discerning God’s Will

Roger Hershey takes us through a list of verses from the Bible to show us some good strategies for discovering God’s will in our lives. Roger discusses the pitfalls and the opportunities that confront us as we pursue His will for our life, rather than our own.

NEXT :: Eternal Perspective

Roger Hershey takes the time to build a Biblical case to live in light of eternity. Our lives are tiny dots when compared with the line of eternity. Roger uses Scripture, passions, and his own personal dream to motivate us to live for eternity.

NEXT :: Financing the American Dream or God’s Kingdom

Roger Hershey will talk with you about how to handle your finances biblically, resisting the temptations of American affluence. He will be talking about living a modest financial lifestyle that will free you to give your best to help reach the world with the Gospel and lay up treasures in Heaven. It is a radical call to embrace the kingdom of God financially.

NEXT :: How to Live with the Church and Not Die Without Her

She’s your only hope after graduation. Don’t believe it? Come and we’ll look together at the purpose of the church from the Scriptures and examine your role in it. You’ll leave with a clearer vision for the local church as well as practical advice in getting involved. Jeff Martin will be sharing about the church’s role.

NEXT :: Proclaiming Christ in the Workplace

The workplace challenges Christians to learn on a daily basis how to respond to authority, maintain integrity, promote peace, earn social capital, and engage in long-term spiritual conversations. As Heather and Ashley Holleman discuss how these five areas become paramount in the workplace ministry process, you’ll learn transferable skills to guide you as you build a personal ministry as a professional.

NEXT :: When Your Career Clashes with Your Parents

Before getting married and joining staff, Brian Barnett was forced to wrestle with God’s command to honor your parents. How can you honor your parents when their plans differ from your own? Hear some Biblical insight as well as an amazing story of God’s provision in the midst of a tough situation.

NEXT :: Interning with Cru

Wonder what it would look like to work for a year with Campus Crusade for Christ? Jim Rhodes will paint the picture of how your year would look and describe the role of a staff member. In this seminar, Jim will also answer any personal questions you may have to help you consider joining us for a year.

NEXT :: Loving Jesus for a Lifetime

You are standing on the precipice of one of the most exciting changes in life. But it can be challenging to your spiritual health if you go into it unaware and unprepared. Have you thought about what it would take to love Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength for a lifetime? Sarah Gale Evers will be leading a discussion about the transition and how you can connect to like-minded believers in your new city to live out your love for Christ and your calling in His kingdom.

NEXT :: Ministry at Work

We invite a panel of professionals to NEXT to discuss what it’s like to do ministry at the workplace.

NEXT :: Change the World

Tim Henderson shares an insight from Apple to discuss our role in changing the world.