One Story :: The Rock

Joel Shibata concludes the One Story series by looking at the foreshadowing of Christ in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2).

One Story :: Isaiah’s Vision

Ed Hanna uses Isaiah 6:1-8 to demonstrate how the need for a savior was evident in the Old Testament.

One Story :: Jacob’s Deception

Tom continues the One Story series by looking for the missing hero in the story of Jacob’s deception (Genesis 27).

One Story :: The Valley of Bones

Tim Henderson opens a new iteration of the One Story series. Tim takes us to Ezekiel 37 to show how Old Testament prophecy plays a role in pointing us to Christ.

One Story :: The Passover

Mark Hough continues the series with the story of the Passover (Exodus 11-12). Hough takes us through a thorough examination of Gods wrath by showing us how the Passover points to Christ.

One Story :: Justice and Mercy

Tim Henderson shows how justice and mercy collide (Judges 10:6-16) to point us to the beautiful solution of Jesus.

One Story :: Abraham and Isaac

Ed Hanna continues the One Story series with Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22). Ed shows us how God asked Abraham for the ultimate sacrifice yet delivered him from his dilemma, compared to the ultimate sacrifice that God gave in his son Christ Jesus.

One Story :: The Tower of Babel

Tim Henderson continues the One Story series with the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). Comparing the Tower of Babel to the towers we build in our own lives which are symbolic with trying to finding significance and security outside Christ. These towers ultimately fail and point us to the one true tower.

One Story :: The Bronze Snake

Tim Henderson continues the series with the story of the Bronze Snake. In Numbers 21, Tim shows us one of the main issues we have with God, and reveals to us how the Bronze Snake points to our judge Jesus Christ.

One Story :: Darius and the Lion’s Den

Tom continues the series with the story of Daniel and the lion’s Den. Starting in Daniel 6, Tom focuses on King Darius’ dilemma, and shares how the impasse between justice and mercy points to and is solved by Jesus Christ.