Wingspan :: Four Surprising Responses

The Wingspan series is concluded with Tim Henderson’s look at Paul’s radical and “backwards” love demonstrated in Acts 16.

Wingspan :: The Man with the Whip

The Wingspan series is continued as Tom Sperlich looks at the connection in John 2 between the anger Jesus demonstrates in the temple and how it emphasizes his passionate love for us.

Wingspan :: Love in Consummation

Tim Henderson, with the help of Andy Garrison, demonstrates that truly loving others in their current pains and struggles leads to sharing the story of Jesus’ love for them (Matthew 4-5).

Wingspan :: A Life Fully Surrendered

Jen Durlin talks to us about a life fully surrendered to Christ from John 15, and shows us that this the only way for us to truly love others. It reveals the power with which we can have Wingspan ourselves.

Wingspan :: Zaccheus, the Tax Collector

Tom Sperlich continues Wingspan with the story of Zaccheus the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10). Tom digs deeper into the life of Zaccheus and shows how Jesus meets his needs in this life and the next.

Wingspan :: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

Tim Henderson continues the wingspan series in John 9. By showing us how Jesus cares for the blind man by meeting his immediate earthly need as well as his eternal need. Jesus in turn shows us how much he loves us.

Wingspan :: The Hooker and the House

Tim Henderson starts off a new series called Wingspan, in which he shows us how Jesus responds to our immediate need as well as our eternal need in the next life. Jesus demonstrates the breadth of His love in the way He responds to a woman in Luke 7:36-50.