Penn State Cru is a community where the Gospel captivates hearts, transforms lives, and launches men & women into a life-long adventure with Jesus Christ.

Weekly meetings Thursday at 7:00pm in the HUB Movie Theater (Freeman Auditorium)

Contact these students if you have any questions (they’re quick on their phones and happy to help):

  • Meg Ervine · (610) 425-8007 · Class of 2018
  • Mike Carnuccio · (484) 889-2523 · Class of 2018
  • Trisha Ashton · (412) 722-2673 · Class of 2019
  • Kyle Evernham · (856) 759-9050 · Class of 2019
  • Brant Goings · (571) 439-9866 · Class of 2020
  • Chandelle Keller · (717) 639-5539 · Class of 2020

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Freshman Women

Studies occur weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Freshman Men

Studies occur weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Sophomore and Junior Women

Studies occur weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Sophomore and Junior Men

Studies occur weekly on Monday and Wednesday

Senior Peer Groups

Studies occur weekly Tuesday and Wednesday

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  • icon-robin Zack 01.01.2014

    Cru has allowed me to stay strong in my faith during my time here at Penn State. It has surrounded me with people who are truly passionate about loving God and carrying out His Great Commission. Most importantly, Cru has emphasized how much of a sinner I am, and how glorious of a savior Christ is.

  • icon-leia Caroline 16.01.2014

    Cru has not only taught me about Jesus, but more importantly how to be in love with Him.

  • icon-wonderwoman Emily 27.02.2014

    Cru taught me that Christians can have fun! We can have dance parties, go sledding, and go on trips together all while learning more about the joy we find in Christ and how we can glorify Him better in our lives.

  • icon-captain Austin 06.03.2014

    Cru has basically changed my life. Above all the fun and exciting things that happens, Cru has taught taught me not to be afraid or have shame and talking about the deepest struggles of my life. For the longest time I wouldn’t open about anything, but now I can do so with a sense of victory and freedom.

  • icon-leia Kelsie 16.06.2015

    Cru has made such an impact on my life! I have been looking for 3 years to find great Christians friends to hang out with and grow with. Cru provided that for me and I don’t know what I would do without Cru!

  • icon-superman Austin 16.06.2015

    To me, Cru has changed my view of my identity to one that is centered around my struggles and being defined by it, to one more centered on Christ.

  • icon-captain Nate 16.06.2015

    Cru has provided me with fulfillment in such a wide variety of ways. In Cru, I have found truth, teaching, friendships, fun, service opportunities, guidance, support, encouragement, challenges, and more memories than I could have ever imagined.