Staff Opportunities

Staff Opportunities

Have you ever wondered if God could be calling you into vocational ministry? We encourage you to check out the articles and websites below, and then think and pray over whether this might be God’s plan for you. We promise you that it makes for an adventurous and deeply fulfilling life!

Helpful Articles About Working With Cru:

Why Consider Full-Time Ministry – thoughtful, concise reasons for vocational ministry
Campus Ministry Internships – examines the internship process with Cru
Questions about Joining Cru Staff – answers to many FAQs related to Cru Staff

Applying for Cru Internships or STINT positions:

Information on Cru Internships and International Internships (STINT)
The STINT/Internship application

Applying for Cru Staff: – site devoted to info for prospective staff
The Campus Ministry Staff application

Thursday Night Talks

1 Corinthians

7 episodes

1 Thessalonians

6 episodes

Acceptable Sins

5 episodes


11 episodes

Fall Retreat

34 episodes


11 episodes


3 episodes


10 episodes

One Story

12 episodes

Raising the Bar

4 episodes

Set Free

9 episodes

Sex Ed

12 episodes

Spring Break

3 episodes


3 episodes

Ten Commandments

13 episodes

The Coming King

3 episodes


7 episodes