Staff Team

Tom & Joanna Sperlich
Campus Director

Tom and Joanna met each other through their involvement with Cru at Penn State. After receiving degrees in Psychology, they got married and joined staff in 2006. In 2016, Tom was named the Campus Director for Penn State Cru, and throughout his and Joanna’s staff life, their love for PSU students and Happy Valley has only grown.

They have three kids: Emma (8), Jacob (5), and Carter (2.5). Emma is currently finding many ways to express her creativity. She likes to write books, draw beautiful pictures, do everything Pokemon, and ride her bike. Jacob is into Lego Ninjago, Hotwheels and anything active. Carter is just about potty-trained and gives the best hugs.

Tom is an avid reader (think classics, spiritual formation, and fantasy), loves to play games (current top shelf ones are Dominion, Azul, and Hanabi), is still a raging fan of Lost (yes, you read that right), and is addicted to Coke (the drink). Joanna enjoys the challenge of trying a new recipe, especially if it is a dessert. She loves to sit down with a good cup of coffee and either a good book or a great friend. She also can’t get enough of Emma, Jacob, and Carter’s laughter and personality.

Alex & Hannah Verseput
Campus Director

Alex here! Born in Texas and raised in Alaska, I was blessed with a loving community of Christians to encourage my steps towards a relationship with God. As such, in the last 25 years God has brought me from apathy, to intellectual acceptance of the truth, to a heart broken over my own sin, to a passion of inviting others to the Good News. Much of this transformation in my life came during my time at Calvin College and after. After graduating in 2011, I came to Penn State as a graduate student. After one year into a long Chemical Engineering program, God called me in a new direction and placed me in full-time ministry with Cru. He is daily teaching me to walk by faith and praise His name. Most recently, God has blessed me with an incredible wife, Hannah, and uses our marriage daily to guide me to worship Him! Some of my hobbies include board games, driving, watching movies, and occasionally exercise and reading. Beyond these frequent endeavors, I love free food, spontaneous late-night movies, kite-flying at midnight, and paintball outings. Finally, while I’m no longer a typical student, I continue to love learning and have been learning about astrophotography, soteriology, and home care maintenance.

Hannah was born in Northern New Jersey and raised in Southwest Florida. Coming to Penn State was what you can call an experience. Being raised in a Christian home was deemed upon her life as a foundational blessing but became revolutionary when she became involved with Cru her freshman year. The Lord took what was a private, secretive thing in Hannah’s relationship with Him into becoming a personal, attractive thing. She was taught how to “live the talk” so she joined staff in Winter 2012 and says she’s “Abundantly overjoyed to be settled back into a place I call home. God surely has been unleashing Himself onto my life that I eagerly anticipate His overflow on this campus. We are!”

Tobin & Cassandra Simonetti

Tobin and Cassandra met while students at Penn State. They were involved in a wide variety of capacities within Cru during their time in Happy Valley. After graduation the Lord sent them out, Tobin headed overseas and Cassandra headed to Washington, DC. They love serving with Cru here at Penn State. Tobin serves part-time with Cru and is a Food Science Research Tech for Penn State and Cassandra serves full-time with Cru.

They are passionate about creating the space for everyone around them to come to know Jesus more, no matter where they are in their faith. It is their joy to exhort, encourage, and equip those around them to walk fiercely with the Lord. And it is a privilege to serve at Penn State.

Tobin loves anything to do with food. With a degree in Food Science, he’s always uncovering new things in the kitchen, firing up the grill, and enjoying creating delicious dishes. He’s always up for a good story, whether in a new movie, the pages of a book, or the life of a friend. Cassandra loves quality time with friends, bringing beauty and life to something old or unwanted, crafting and creating, as well as pursuing health and fitness.

When a new adventure is beckoning, both Tobin and Cassandra love to jump right in.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Josh & Kathryn

Josh and Kathryn met through their involvement with Cru at Penn State. Josh and Kathryn married in January 2015 and after receiving degrees in Civil Engineering and Physics, respectively, they spent 2-3 years in the workforce before coming back to their alma mater for vocational ministry.

In ministry Josh loves teaching truth through leading a Bible study, speaking at Cru weekly meetings, or sharing his faith. Kathryn's favorite part of ministry is walking through life with other women and sharing wisdom and encouragement through discipleship.

Josh is highly extroverted and loves spending time with people. He loves being active and learning new things in God’s Word. Some of his favorite hobbies are disc golf, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, and playing board games. Kathryn loves building close relationships with friends and students over a chai tea latte. One of her favorite things to do is bike to a good hammocking spot to read. She also enjoys hosting friends and family, playing the piano, and trying new recipes.

The newest addition to their family, Baby Levi, is expected to be born in July. Josh and Kathryn are excited to enter into this new season of parenthood together!

Abe and Jordyn Skacel

Abe and Jordyn met in Penn State Cru when Abe was a sophomores and Jordyn was a freshman. They both graduated in 2017 and married that year as well. Abe holds a philosophy degree while Jordyn holds a Biobehavioral Health degree.

Jordyn loves getting to disciple women in their walks with Jesus. She also especially enjoys the first few weeks of the semester when we are “blitzing” to find new students and engage freshmen.
She is a huge cat lover, especially her cat Mabel. She enjoys everything there is to do outdoors in PA from hiking and canoeing to hunting and camping. She also enjoys baking, crocheting, and playing any kind of game.

Abe enjoys coaching and discipling students, as well as any opportunity to open the Bible with someone else. He loves learning and reading, especially non-fiction. As a learner, Abe loves talking about questions people have about Christianity, especially the difficult ones. One of his favorite phrases to hear is, "I have a question..." He is also an avid fisherman. Whether it is hiking up a mountain stream or fishing from a canoe on a local lake, he rarely passes up the opportunity to make a few casts

Abe and Jordyn are excited to begin the adventure of parenthood, as their son is due at the end of May!